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The Eighth Member of Interbarney!

It was an intense afternoon for interbarney’s big-time offices! After much confabulation and vast popular participation, it is decided who is the eighth member of the social network number 1 in Brazil!

First, let’s reveal who was the champion in the taste of the public, which equates to a point in the overall balance.

Ronald Rios – 25 votes
Dayvid Braga – 28 votes

It was a close call, folks! It was more than 50 votes, and an endless flood, with more than 70 unforgettable comments.

Thus, Dayvid Braga came out with 1 point in front of Ronald Rios.

Check with me who every member of Interbarney would like to have by our side here!

seufelipe Seu Felipe
“In a world doused by hatred and prejudice, Ronald’s best argument is love. This young comedian who personally suffered the evils of modern society by having a job application denied by the simple fact of being funny, dresses in a yellow t-shirt with flower print and asks, clean-face, acceptance. It’s sincerity that’s moved. Without being corny, he is just offering society something she has denied him: affection. It is a social duty to recognize this boy as one of our own.”

Daniel Lima dlima
“Ronald, for me, takes a slight advantage by bringing with him a link with the old media – uhf channels – and for the self-confessed desire to be protected by our servers and lawyers. It would be virtuous of us to promote this charity. Dayvid may have more camera presence and charisma, but if he himself classifies Ronald as ‘unsurpassed’. I think we should follow the tip and trust Dayvid’s judgment in that regard.”

“Friends, Ronald Rios has already conquered everything he could achieve, is currently in decline towards the Record Television Network. We have a civic duty to leverage progress, we must toast the new, the revolutionary, the virgin trejeito of Dayvid Braga, who is there, showing that he can overcome his reference – Ronald – and move on to even higher and somewhat strange places.”

Rafael Capanema capema
“Dayvid Braga is a 26-year-old Bahian bossa-nova. In a very short time, it influenced a whole generation of bloggers, tweeters and internet comedians. Our biggest concern in this video series was that Dayvid Braga would not be hindered by arrangements that took away his freedom, his natural agility, his personal and non-transferable way of being, in short, his spontaneity. Dayvid Braga does not underestimate the sensitivity of the people. He believes that there is always room for something new, different and pure that – although at first glance it does not seem – can become, as they say in specialized language: highly commercial. Because the people understand Love, simplicity and sincerity. I believe in Dayvid Braga because he is simple, sincere and extraordinarily musical.
P.S. – Chico Barney thinks so too.”

cb Chico Barney
“I really like the humor and friendliness of Dayvid Braga. But I must confess: I am afraid to give any kind of autonomy to a wild boy like this. What if he freaks out and starts emulate other more dangerous pictures on the internet? You can call me a grimace, but my vote is in the mainstream. Ronald Rios, I choose you!”

As you can see, the pendenga was 3×3. As we are righteous and honorable, we summon someone totally unrelated to all this, someone outside this scummy pot called Interbarney. Therefore, keeping an eye on the bid with our vote of minerva:

vanilla vanilla
“As a direct descendant of Jupiter, I come through these black letters on a white background, without further ado, to give my vote-veto of Minerva.

The innovative selection process developed by Interbarney® thus eliminated monkeys, trolls, spammers, leaving only two humans. Therefore, both candidates would already deserve my vote for the simple reason they actually recorded a video. Very complicated thing these days and that requires a lot of skill and intimacy with mirrors.

However, as my vote is precisely to untie the bussanga … He couldn’t choose anyone other than Ronald Rios, just because he didn’t name his opponent during his video portfolio. Just as, by law, Pepsi can not cite Coca-Cola, Dayvid Braga could not quote the humorist and student Ronald Rios.

If Dayvid Braga had sought medical advice before producing such a video, he would have seriously had a chance to win. Dayvid is one of those chubby-friendly-who-take-nescau who would put Interbarney® in the Trend Topics of the main social networks, driving internet users crazy. However, our dear Dayvid Braga has OCD (to be treated) and every 40 seconds, without even realizing it, mentions the name of Ronald Rios.

Having no more options for the moment, Ronald wins the arduous dispute of the eighth member and, by lambuja, leads to the possibility of winning a beautiful case against the competition.

Meanwhile, Dayvid gets another line in his Wikipedia entry.”

So that’s it, Brazilian fans!

Ronald Rios is the eighth element of Interbarney and already debuts tomorrow here!

Congratulations to all involved! And here’s the message for Dayvid Braga: you won’t be abandoned! I’m going to personally follow your studies, and we’re depositing 100, 000 reais into your father’s account, securing your college and lots of pizzas with Sofia.

Thank you to everyone who participated! There’s a lot more news coming!

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