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Acachapante Season

  • November 19, 2020
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Acachapante season
17 Aug By Interbarney Writing

This week will be marked in the memory of Brazilians. That’s when our season of fabulous debuts begins here at Interbarney, with a more captivating novelty than the other.

This Tuesday, for example, is when a new phase of one of the most wonderful projects that have ever appeared on the face of the Earth begins here at Interbarney.

Following the booklet João Kléber of Entertainment, I decided to make a suspense about this novelty. Read the healthy ball-playing with the person responsible for the new attraction of our social network, and find out what’s next.

Have you ever been recognized for what you do?

the q on the streets

Has anyone ever wanted to have sex with you because of your work?

‘a vezs ++++ nnca dI certp
i tnoh that back edo w/ home

Do you need some kind of special skill to accomplish your project at Interbarney?

not oo!! para deme pergnta iss!~

And this special skill, already manifested during the school age?

vc pod up says q yes
i smpre desdehni sme audaa study

n culsive eu ache iuns desnehos d qd tava na 8 serie

6 series year pasddo

Does your project have anything to do with The Legacy of Dayvid Braga?

qem I don’t know him

Has your project ever been successful on the Internet?

i rcsbei some emails ++++ the maoiria was spam & fisherman’s

Have you ever played for Palmeiras?

ja o porbc mmorra in my corasam

I was reading in your profile that you tried the eighth CQC position. What went wrong?

failures and of cmounicao entr/ me and the surita the vision went to in the record
i naum know oq huove

Do you dream?

td chico night
td stª noit

Have you ever dreamed of running again? In a Ferrari?

this nam I acREDIT~ qoq eh msu this guarding

Are you evangelical?

no i acrdit that jessu eé’ judeuenta oe i’m jewish

The most anticipated moment on the internet has arrived. Reveal to the reading public who you are.

ola inenets I so. ome is Rafael Madeeira

What do you do, Rafael Madeira?

and I’m a cartoonist and sttccista


eu caplico trtamtnos de blz nasp ssoas e dps cartuno a cara de s quedo els ficm boonias


So that’s it, friends: CERSIBON debuts tomorrow, with new strips, at Interbarney!

And we’ll have a lot more over the period — stay tuned to our NobLat blog!

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