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A Night at the Museum

  • August 20, 2020
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A night at the museum
20 Aug By Interbarney Writing

Interbarney, this museum of great news. The grand premiere of This Thursday goes by the name of VELA, an eternal myth of national humor. Maximum idol of several thinkers who today make fame and success, Vela is a seminal influence for everything that was made of worthy, correct and responsible during the 2000s.

I talked to him in his flat in a popular Carioca village.

– You are dj, editor, journalist, blogger and rice powder. What went wrong?

Dear Barney, I’m adept at the saying, “insisting on error is stupid.” I still plan to venture into other uplifting activities, such as stand-up comedy, literature, and stem cell research.

– What’s new for the new incarnation of Vela’s historical blog?

In my previous incarnation I took the feet of the fans of Senhor dos Anéis and praised tosco places such as Vila Mimosa, famous leisure area of Rio de Janeiro. It was a time with fewer blogs, the internet was more romantic… Now, to draw attention in the midst of this excess of information I will use an innovative tactic: I will abuse videos with insightful comments, shrewd montages of photoshop and ironic comments about futile news. I am imbued with the thought of the members of this fantastic Interbarney, to be famous and rich. Even if I have to take care of other people’s ideas.

– Do you see your harmful influence on the comedians of the new generation, such as Ronald Rios, Cersibon and Danilo Gentili?

The first one, yes. People always say that I’m tall and i should play basketball. By an incredible coincidence this also happened to the ronald boy. I don’t think he influenced the Cersibon boy. I draw very badly. And as for young Gentili, he learned from me how to make bland, racist jokes. But the mancebo that I influenced the most, for sure, was The Dayvid Braga.

– Should Maya finish the novel with Bahuan or Raj Ananda?

I think Maya should finish the soap opera with Norminha. For the return of female bisexualism in soap operas!

– Tell a little about avaí’s amazing campaign in the Brazilian Championship.

As Cléber Machado brilliantly noted, Avaí is the surprise of the competition. I already see the creative headline of all the media when guga’s team conquers the song: “Avaí on the crest of the wave!”.


Follow the new adventures of Vela, now at Interbarney! Abs

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