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Acachapante Season

  • November 19, 2020
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Acachapante season 17 Aug By Interbarney Writing This week will be marked in the memory of Brazilians. That’s when our season of fabulous debuts begins here at Interbarney, with a more captivating novelty than the other. This Tuesday, for example, is when a new phase of one of the most wonderful projects that have ever appeared on the face of the Earth begins here at Interbarney. Following the booklet João Kléber of Entertainment, I decided to make a suspense about this novelty. Read the healthy ball-playing with the person responsible for the new attraction of our social network, and find out what’s next. Have you ever been recognized for what …..

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Braga-Rios Connection

The two bulwarks of this special week of Interbarney were the dynamos of Youtube Ronald Rios and Dayvid Braga. Create and creature, I called the duo to a hot partnership. Dayvid was able to ask his idol everything he ever wanted. And Ronald can clean up everything he needed to find out about his most ardent fan. Check out another exclusive article from the Noblat Blog. 10 Questions from Dayvid Braga to Ronald Rios Dayvidbraga 1. How did you get to join Mtv? Guy… a little more talent a little bit of luck. I did some things, pleased some people and I’m there very successfully, every month coming out of …..

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The Eighth Member of Interbarney!

It was an intense afternoon for interbarney’s big-time offices! After much confabulation and vast popular participation, it is decided who is the eighth member of the social network number 1 in Brazil! First, let’s reveal who was the champion in the taste of the public, which equates to a point in the overall balance. Ronald Rios – 25 votes Dayvid Braga – 28 votes It was a close call, folks! It was more than 50 votes, and an endless flood, with more than 70 unforgettable comments. Thus, Dayvid Braga came out with 1 point in front of Ronald Rios. Check with me who every member of Interbarney would like to …..

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