The Internet and the Impact of Its Use

The presence of the internet not only has a positive impact, but also a negative one, although its use aims to facilitate humans in all aspects of life. The Internet is the widest network in information technology systems that allows devices around the world to be connected to each other. Due to the breadth ofcontinue reading

Effective Ways to Increase Sales Conversions

In the online marketing system there is what is called a sales conversion. The term sales conversion refers to a visitor who takes further action on your website or online store. Sales conversion measurements are carried out differently depending on the nature and purpose of the business. Therefore, there are different ways to increase salescontinue reading

Braga-Rios Connection

The two strongholds of this special Interbarney week were Youtube dynamos Ronald Rios and Dayvid Braga. Breed and creature, I called the duo for a hot partnership. Dayvid was able to ask everything he ever wanted for his idol. And Ronald could unravel everything he needed to find out about his most ardent fan. Checkcontinue reading