Effective Ways to Increase Sales Conversions

In the online marketing system there is what is called a sales conversion. The term sales conversion refers to a visitor who takes further action on your website or online store. Sales conversion measurements are carried out differently depending on the nature and purpose of the business. Therefore, there are different ways to increase sales conversions.

For example, a company with an online store measures the success of its sales conversions by the number of clicks on the “add to cart” button. So the company considers that potential customers filling out forms on the homepage are an increase in conversions. For a website, the form is usually only intended to get information from potential customers.

With an increase in sales conversions, you will certainly get a greater return on investment. That is why to increase sales conversion, companies will use various methods. Here are 4 effective ways that can be applied in your company to increase sales conversions through the website.

Do A/B Testing

Experimentation is the best way to reduce the risk of errors in decision making. By conducting experiments first, it will provide space for the marketing team to innovate and explore new opportunities. One of the experimental methods that can be taken is A/B testing. A/B testing or split testing is a technique to increase your site’s conversions by testing two things given.

There are times when you have two possible headlines to display on your homepage and you can’t decide which one to use. So use A/B testing to see which works better. Make two alternative versions (A and B) each with a different title at any given time. A/B testing software directs website traffic in equal portions of 50% to version A and 50% to version B. At the end you will count how many people took action on version A, as well as on version B. To improve sales conversion, you need to know which options are working and which are not.

Give Attractive Offers

Prospective customers often ask questions such as “What’s the benefit of buying your product?” and “Why should I buy from you?”. Potential customers have expectations, wants, needs and special points. So you have to give them an offer according to their needs and wants.

You need to do some reflection to find out what your product can provide to meet customer needs and wants but still have something unique. Communicate the uniqueness and filter it as best you can until you can articulate it in one sentence that is instantly believable. Try to be different from competitors. No need to stand out in all areas, at least your product must excel in one element that can attract potential customers.

Use Short and Clear Sentences

Never seduce potential customers with fancy business language but it turns out to be complicated and difficult to understand. This of course will not work. Greet potential customers on your web page with short and clear words. Never string words together as if you were speaking to a company.

But make sentences as you would talk to humans. The best way to change the marketing sentence on your website is to imagine you are explaining your product to a close friend. As Paul Graham, a successful entrepreneur and author, puts it, “write as you speak.”

Choose the Right Leader

Sales and marketing of your business will be successful if you have the right leader. In addition to your product or service which must be of high quality, the team in your business also has a big influence on the success of your business. You, the leader along with his team must be able to maximize conversion results.

Headline Testing

The headline of your website must be considered. It is the first impression that can make or break a website’s image. Use a title that is clear and has unique and interesting proportions, it can even provide a solution to the audience’s problems. You can also put promos or offers for the audience in the headlines of your website. Avoid words that cannot be understood.

Also show the advantages of your product or service. Usually prospective buyers will compare one product with another. You must be able to find out and make your product or service has advantages compared to others.

Simple Form

Include important points in the registration form on your website. If your form is too long and has lots of questions, it will discourage your audience from continuing with registration. Questions must also match your data needs and don’t ask questions that may offend your audience.

Build Trust

Lack of trust in your product or company is one of the reasons why people won’t buy from you. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, there are 10 ways to increase potential customers’ trust in you, including:

  • Build the credibility of the content displayed on the website This can be achieved by including the source of the quote, testimonial or article that you present.
  • Show that there is a real organization behind the website. The easiest way to do this is to have a physical address, display a photo of your office or display an official permit from the government or trade association.
  • Highlight your excellence in the content and services you provide. Do you have an expert in your company? Are you affiliated with a bona fide company? Show this in your website to add value to the sale.
  • Reachable. Provide clear contact information such as a phone number, physical address, email address or social media. With this, potential customers know that your company is a trustworthy company because it is ready to be contacted whenever needed.
  • Design your website more professionally. Prospective consumers tend to judge a company from the first impression when they see the visual appearance. When designing you should pay attention to layout, typography, images, consistency and so on. A website that looks amateurish will reduce the interest and trust of potential customers to choose to invest with you.
  • Make your website easy to use and more useful. Some companies sometimes forget the intended audience. By serving the ego of the company or trying to show the amazing things they can do through the website but are not needed.
  • Update content as often as possible. Today people constantly want something new. Therefore, if you have a blog on your website, make sure the content is updated regularly.
  • Reduce the intensity of advertising on the website. If you must show ads, clearly distinguish which content is sponsored and which is your content.
  • Avoid all kinds of mistakes, no matter how small. Spelling errors and inaccessible links will lower the credibility of your website more than most people imagine. Potential customers may think your website is unreliable.

Those were seven effective ways that can be taken to increase sales conversions. However, even if you have used these seven methods, do not immediately expect instant results. It’s okay if no one takes a follow-up action in the early days of your marketing. As long as you are still trying to fix and provide something new on your website, consumers will gradually recognize and look for your product.

It’s the same with company finances. The difficulty of the stages of managing finances and the lack of time should not be used as an excuse so that you do not want to manage finances well. Because these difficulties will eventually become easier if you do it regularly. Especially now that financial management has been made easier with accounting software technology.

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The day I watched a game in the Framengo fans

In honor of the red-black pentachampionship, I remember the first and (hopefully) only time I watched a menguinho game in the middle of the BIGGEST FANS OF “MUNDU”.

upload – For those who are arriving in space now, I’m Tricolor de Coração, son and grandson of rubros-negros – the other grandfather was America, but that doesn’t count. That grandfather was even a runner for Flamengo. But thanks to my father relapse, my uncle made up my mind and I became a distinguished supporter of Fluminense Football Club – close upload.

October 2007. A Mexican woman toured the city. Christ, Pão de Açúcar, beach… She wanted to go to Maracanã, but that week the only game was Flamengo vs Corinthians, for the Brazilian Nationals. Under the command of Papa Joel Santana, the menguinho was coming from an incredible sprint, from the rear towards the G-4. It’s good to remember that the team had games late and had the advantage by knowing what results they needed. Timãozinho, on the other hand, was desperately fighting relegation, which took place in the last round to the joy of the nation.

We went with the guys from the Mexican’s hostel in a van. Hostels and travel agencies act as “official money changers”. They always have tickets for games that sell out, as was the case for that game. Tickets are usually purchased outside, with people from inside the Maracanã. In addition, they illegally practice tying (ticket + transport). And they sell half-price tickets as if they were full tickets. Take it or leave it.

I knew what I was getting into and tried unsuccessfully to stop by my camera. For the safety of the tourist, we arrived 2 hours before the ball rolled. Two flannels almost slapped each other when the van arrived. The stadium was still empty and street vendors were trying to sell fake shirts. The Mexican wanted Flamengo’s. Prohibited He had already explained to her the meaning of that club. I couldn’t allow her to take such a bad memory from our country. The street vendor was pissed off, which made me even more proud of my good deed.

The favelada arrived and the screams intensified. I was only able to follow the “ão-ão-ão second division” pros Curintiano. He sang softly “You are, sucker and asshole team! Bitch, fag and thief! Goodbye Mengoooo”. I was in a really difficult situation. Despite two damn teams, I had no other option but to cheer against Flamengo. This photo expresses my feeling a little.

I realized that my expression of affection had aroused suspicion and comments from close and unfriendly people. I stopped before being unmasked, also because the camera’s battery had run out. The game started and Curintia scored. I had to contain myself. The little menguinho tied. Despair! The turn came with a blow from Roger Chinelinho. People started to hug and before the mob could touch me I grabbed the Mexican with all my strength. In the end, I regretted an incredible goal lost by curintia. End of the game. More emotions were to come.

In front of the bathroom, an ecstatic friend passed in front of me and unbelievably didn’t notice my presence. To this day he regrets not having seen me. He says if he noticed me he would have pointed at me and yelled “It’s tricolor!!!”. Maybe I wasn’t here to tell you this. What a friend… One of the gringas (a European, I think) had lost her sandals and was stepping barefoot in a huge puddle near the bathroom. A playboy yelled “Ih, ih, ih, you’re stepping on the pee”. Heart touching.

He was safe and sound in the van. A gringo asked where the Halloween party would be. It was Halloween. Everything to do with that game. The guide criticized the MV-Brasil poster, “Halloween is the stick, Brazil is a Christian country”. The radio played Jorge Vercilo.

Braga-Rios Connection

The two strongholds of this special Interbarney week were Youtube dynamos Ronald Rios and Dayvid Braga. Breed and creature, I called the duo for a hot partnership.

Dayvid was able to ask everything he ever wanted for his idol. And Ronald could unravel everything he needed to find out about his most ardent fan.

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10 Questions from Dayvid Braga to Ronald Rios

1. How did you manage to join Mtv?

Dude… a little talent plus a little luck. I did some things, they pleased some people and I’m there with great success, every month there is an article in the newspaper. Curious is how I joined Interbarney!

2. How do the ideas for making the program come about?

Man… 3 years ago we had recorded something like that, where Erik would say a theme and I would improvise on top, with opinion and/or nonsense. This video was never very prominent, but it has always been a favorite of mine and his. And he always put in a battery that would turn into a cool program. I really wanted to borrow his PlayStation, so I agreed to go to the studio one day. The rest is success. It’s really curious how the idea of ​​Interbarney came about!

3. Where did the name badalhoca come from?

Dude, I don’t know. Erik who named the producer – because he created it, I only arrived later. But I know he gave it without knowing the meaning. The meaning is kind of regrettable, so we believe today that Badalhoca means Erik Gustavo and Ronald Rios. You should ask yourself something: where did the name Interbarney come from!

4. How did you meet Erik?

Dude… blogs, stuff. Personally it was by accident. He was in a small meeting at a mall with a little group that had a girl that I thought was cute. I don’t tolerate blogger encounters, but I went because the girl called me and I was in an adventurous vibe at the time. We spoke little, he was very quiet. But really good is how I met Chico Barney, EDITOR IN CHIEF at Interbarney!

5. Where did the idea of ​​making a video come from?

The idea of ​​making a video? A video? (Laughs)

6. Have you received any proposal to change broadcaster?

I didn’t receive a proposal to change stations. I will always be amazed that I have achieved something with ONE broadcaster! A broadcaster and of course a killer portal called Interbarney!

7. What do you think about Michael Jackson’s death?

If Xandy de Pilares says that everyone makes mistakes, she should say that everyone dies too. Normal. Too bad it went with so many mysteries around it. So many things somewhat mysterious, quoting his catchphrase. I just think Michael’s death is being overshadowed a little by the release of Interbarney!

8. Who were you inspired to do with the word?

In no one. So, not directly. I don’t think anyone ever thought that spending 20 minutes talking in a chair could be interesting. So, of course… there is stand up. That’s why it works, because it’s not THAT bizarre. The difference is that it’s seated… improvised… and funny.

But you can see influences from… I don’t know, a lot of people. I’m happy when compared to George Carlin. I’m glad you made me attract Interbarney’s attention.

9. Did your family and friends support you in the beginning?

Ever. My mother was always supportive and had faith. I have few friends, but they don’t really care about it, I guess. Which is good, because I play video games and basketball with people who would enjoy HANG OUT with myself even if I continued to work at C&A.

10. Have you ever said something that you shouldn’t have said on the show?

The program is not live. If I say something and don’t regret it until it’s time for the final edit, it’s the one that really has to be heard. But… I intend to talk here at Interbarney about everything that was cut in Com a Palavra!

Returning the courtesy, Ronald Rios prepared 10 questions for Dayvid Braga.

10 Questions by Ronald Rios for Dayvid Braga

1. There are so many things. Where do I start? Let’s go with a basic question: Why do you write like this, with every word starting with a capital letter?

Well Ronald this from the Capital Letters that I’ve used for a long time, Sei la I think at the time I came up with this to differentiate my text from the others.

2. Where did the idea of ​​making Com a Palavra, Dayvid Braga come from?

Ha First time I saw Com the Word on Mtv, I found it Interesting, I soon became a fan

After Watching Quaze All I had the Idea of ​​Paying a Tribute.

3. You have already made clear your desire to honor Com the Word, Ronald Rios. Do you want to stop the program now? How far do you go?

Not at first, as far as Erik will allow.

4. Seriously, how far?

Until When I Can, What Do You Think?

5. Ronald Rios always says he became a blogger and later VIDEOMAKER because he wanted to get a woman. Do you also aim for this with your work, the success among FRAGILE SEX?

Yes sure !!! Never more woman.

6. Why do you post photos of Monza cars in your orkut album?

It’s not a Monza and an Omega, Because I’m Crazy for this Car, My Dream is to have one of these.

7. Why do you have 2 profiles on orkut and add me with both? Do you believe that making a thousand friends to have 2 profiles is poverty? Anyone who wants to have two profiles, HAVE.

My intention is not that, is that one of the Orkuts I lost the password and created another one and shortly thereafter I remembered the password of the first one, and today I use both.

8. What are the inspirations for this comedy of yours?

Day-to-Day Things and Ronald Himself.

9. Describe Ronald Rios.

And a Hilario Guy, Intelligent and Ha Top of Everything Creative.

10. A successful message for the Interbarney premiere!

Firstly Success and Good Luck, May This Be the First of Many !!! A big hug.